X-Pro1 sensor in other cameras, possibly with Bayer pattern

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Re: X-Pro1 sensor in other cameras, possibly with Bayer pattern

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Pandaemas wrote:

I personally don't think Fuji will license their X-Trans censor to any other companies. They have been an underdog, and now they have an upperhand on their censor technology, I doubt they would easily give it away.

Just one observation here: shareholders don´t usually care where the money comes from, so if Fuji can substantially improve its operational earnings with those royalties, I doubt they will resist. They already earn pride for their design, I think everybody knows it by now, there´s not much more to win there as I see it. Maybe they´ll wait some time to allow their system to become well established before, but that aside, I think profit margins will no doubt come into play at some point.

Shareholders have generally little power in Japan. Nor are boards are made up of typical Wall Street sharks seeking their own aggrandizement. Japanese senior managers (and as board members) typically earn ~25-35% of a typical American executive and operate by a strikingly different set of rules.

Instead of an everyone for themselves attitude, corporations usually hold large interlocking blocks of stock within a longstanding trading and/or manufacturing partnership organization called Keiretsu.  Discussions can often center around the health and relationships within the Keiretsu along with  analysis of market conditions, assessments of technological change and other factors. Instead of short term maximization of profits, Japanese boards will often make decisions based on where they hope to be with respect to their competition five and ten years into the future, one of the very reasons there is still a FujiFilm as the Kodak ship sinks under the waves.

There has been some tendency for erosion of the Keiretsu blocks because in the past control of individual companies within Keiretsu were generally associated with specific families. Control of these firms are increasingly in the hands of an amorphous technocracy and they are at times not above cutting themselves or their company a bigger piece of pie.


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