Best 50mm for a 5D Classic / MK1

Started Oct 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
YordanRhapsody Regular Member • Posts: 328
Re: Best 50mm for a 5D Classic / MK1

Looking at the comparatives posted, the values indicated are @f/1.4 for Sigma and Zeiss, but stopped down @f/2.8 for the Canon... if you use the canon 1.4 wide open is much softer than other two lenses...

besides, zeiss is manual focus and at f/1.4 is not that simple to achieve perfect in focus images (with slow moving subjects...)

At the end I will choise between canon and sigma, preferring the sigma if you have the possibility to try the lens before buy. In fact some friends had to try three copies before the find the right one. On the contrary, if you want a smaller lens, if you want to buy online and you want to be sure (almost) that the lens is ok, then go for the Canon, which is a fantastic lens...

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