G5 performance issues, can you verify?

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Re: G5 performance issues, can you verify?

Hello Elliot,

I am very glad to say that you were right......a faster card does make a difference! The G5 is still slower than the G3 in the chosen test (which I chose of course to highlight the problem)

fill the buffer with Raw pics on single shot mode plus one extra picture to make sure it is full (8 pictures in about 2 sec) how long does it take before I can take a movie:

G3 ca 27 sec with all other cards (Class 4-10, also 133x)

G5 in between 50 and 115 sec (independent of card, erratic)

with the sandsisk 16GB 95mB/sec class 10:

G3 ca 16 sec

G5 ranging from 16-20 sec

so, in this test the G3 ist still faster, but the differences are small.

in the other test I did, G3 and G5 have about the same speed till they are ready for new action (take an HD movie and take as many Raw pics as fast as possible, stop movie, measure recovery time), both went down from 23sec recovery to 19sec recovery.

Notice that the G5 only took about half the time to tkae the 8 full resolution Raw pictures in the HD movie, so in almost any respect it is the faster of the two cameras.

On the up side, in real life shooting, I get a lot less in the situation that I "miss the action", so thanks for this Elliot!!!

I still think that a firmware update might fix/better the issue, as in most write situation the G5 is faster, just not in Raw buffer full, so it might be in the way the files are aligned/processed in this specific situation.

I will contact Panasonic about this, I think it woul have more of an effect if others would as well?



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