15mm bodycap first images?

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Re: Photography is an ART...

I guess coming from the "old school" of photography (film and slide days and manual camera - FM2) I still tend to use any camera in an artistic way aside from snapping pics of family and friends, and anything that catches my eye . Sometimes sharp images are not always better. I guess that with the advent of digital photography and the leaps and bounds that sensors are achieving, most tend to care only about the IQ and sharpness of said equipment. I’m not an expert on anything and photography to me is just a hobby. If I take some bad shot due to composition, lighting, focus or whatever that made that picture bad, so be it. I’m still happy because I’m doing something that I enjoy. Just like the avid fisherman that goes out fishing irregardless if he/she catches a fish, he is happy no matter what the outcome is.

I give kudos to the guy that used the 15mm bodycap lens. He made some excellent shot considering the capability of the lens. For a $50.00 lens? I think he did an outstanding job. Imagine what he can do if has a better lens? Even with a lens that cost 10x-20x more, some people can’t even see what this guy can see through the viewfinder or lcd display. Instead of looking at a picture for its sharpness and IQ or whatever, try to look at it at a different way or perspective, in its artistic concept. I bet it will make someone a better photographer ‘coz he/she will be more aware the surrounding.

…..just my 2cents

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