GXR. M-Mount. The final way with manual lenses? Should I stay or should I go...

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Re: GXR. M-Mount. The final way with manual lenses? Should I stay or should I go...
VladimirV wrote:

I think manual M lenses are the best option and I have moved the same direction.

The Heliar 15mm is a fantastic lens but be sure to buy the screw mount version, not only is it cheaper but it is also smaller and focuses closer (30cm vs 50cm). It is a fantastic lens though and does not have any problems on the GXR:

Fantastic church pic, love the light, thanks.

I just put the 15mm Heliar on my shopping list. You prefer the 15mm in screw mount, but do you not miss the mountig thread for filters?

Gerd Waloszek wrote:

Looks like Eichtersheim (Angelbachtal). The statue (by Jürgen Goertz) seems to stand in front of the Friedrich-Hecker-Haus in the street of the same name. I hope, I am correct...


Best regards, Gerd

Yes, you hit it.

Gerd, you wrote on your webside about the use of the Ricoh P10 modul for makro. Do you think that its a good choice for product photographie? The pics you see on this webside I made with the A12 50mm in macro use and I think about to use the P10 in future for that kind of stuff:


Godfrey wrote:

But ... I'm definitely basing my system kit around the M-bayonet lens mount and manual for the foreseeable future, whether I stick with the GXR and M9 or upgrade to the new M.

Oh, hmpf.

Leica M. I think you show me a way to totally loose teh financel control...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

You should be well pleased Rainer, thanks for the trouble you have taken and the comparisons.

My pleasure, Sir.

So this afternoon I will do a few more shooz outs with the two m-lenses and the A12 and than the final words will be spoken. If you like I will post about that.

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