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Re: Funny

photomeme wrote:

you seem naively unaware of what's happened with the dpreview since the acquisition.

you are aware that it is now five and a half years since the acquisition?

get a clue, the current team has not been doing this a long time.

I arrived eight years ago. I think that counts as a pretty long time on any website. Most of the editorial team have been here since 2007.

this dpreview forum initiativeappears to incorporate the worst unlearned lessons over at  amazon, and is repeating mistakes played out time and again in the industry over a decade ago.  There are accepted engineering solutions and widely known best practices for everything that ails the site.  (although they've created a few problems even I haven't seen before).  if they, like you, don't know these solutions and practice, they should hire a few well known folks in the space with this expertise.

Amazon has the very definition of a 'hands off' approach - they see most of the changes at the same time you do. We do not share tech teams and dpreview does not share technology (web platforms, servers etc) with amazon.

dpreview's ham fisted wreck is getting worse, not better, and they don't even see the icebergs dead ahead.

it's been getting worse, according to some commenters, since 1998.

instead of rolling back, scrapping this "launch" and taking six months to re-engineer this pre-alpha mess, they've played a classic but awkward damage control move: brought back the original site creator Phil Askey to stem the tide of departures from the forums.  Yeah, sure, right, he just happened to show up, ROFL.  I don't buy it.

Phil is completely and totally independent of dpreview. If there's a 'tide of departures' it's quite a small tide.

meanwhile substantive forum activity is down.  they'll run this titanic straight to the sea bottom at this rate.

So far (after a week) the changes to the forums have had zero effect on the number of daily posters, threads or posts. We know we got some things wrong (and believe me we're making sure they get fixed), but we've had a lot of positive feedback too, and we really do want to get it right. Unlike you, who for some reason really wants us to fail. I get that you don't like the new forum software, and I want to get it to the point where you do like it (as many others do). I just don't get your attitude.


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