Early review and comparison of the X-E1 to previous models

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Re: Early review and comparison of the X-E1 to previous models

Clayton1985 wrote:

+1.  Even though I fully realize that the OP's experience is based on using the X-Pro 1 prior to firmware 2.0, it really isn't relevant for an accurate comparison since anyone making the decision today has firmware 2.0 available.  If anything it could lead to confusion for those trying to understand the differences.  All reports indicate that the X-Pro 1 with firmware 2.0 and X-E1 should be the same in terms of AF speed and overall performance (using the same lens of course).

Sorry you were confused but I already stated in my review that I did not feel the X-E1 was worth an upgrade from the X-Pro 1 even without the 2.0 firmware so if anything the firmware update would only further my opinion. I think there are also several other points made in my review that are not based around the Xpro 1 comparison that I thought might serve some value for people who are thinking about buying or have preordered but oh well, cant satisfy everyone.

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