Nikon, the Apple of camera world

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Re: Nikon, the Apple of camera world

immanis wrote:

Sorry, I do not appreciate the comparison. Apple is  known for their walled garden approach to reality, tries to restrict user options as much as they can, every single release of their flagship products has lots of issues (an what is worst, blames the users for them), is behind the competition in almost every single thing that matters and in general treats their user base as if they were barely deserving of their blessing.

And with Jobs gone, I don't think the reality distortion field will last much longer, just check the release of the iPhone 5: zero innovation (longer phone? really), defective camera (purple flare), fail to switch from mobile data to WiFi, the map debacle, etc.

So, if you feel like praising Nikon, please do so directly, comparing with another company only gives a relative picture and mud the waters.

lol.  you are funny.

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