Art or Pornography?

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Re: Art or Pornography?

theswede wrote:

They won't be, which says a lot more about the FBI than about the photos.

No it says the photos are indefensible without their "artist" pre-conception and the FBI can make an independent judgement

The FBI can NOT make an "independent judgment". That is, for one, not their job. Their job is to enforce law, not to make judgment. Judgment is for judges to make.

Everyone uses their judgement every day, it's not the exclusive preserve of judges.

No you don't have the right to legitimise whatever you want, some things are actually illegal.

You're arguing as if it is self evident that anything which is illegal should be illegal. That is not the case even in the best of societies. Civil disobedience is one of the few tools available to change those laws.

Where did I say that? And most things which are illegal are illegal for good reasons, much better ones than artistic freedom.

Although Henson was ultimately found to be not guilty at law it doesn't make his actions right in the broader eyes of society.

And now you're in la-la land. It's not enough to follow the law, but one should follow the unwritten law of "the broader eyes of society" or one is guilty of ... what exactly? Since one is acting legally, what crime is being committed? Who is being harmed?

Yes, if you don't wish to attract the ire of the community. If you want to publish pornographic images of children then unfortunately the law allows you to do so under the guise of artistic freedom. If you cop it for doing so then don't hide behind lame excuses - you judged wrongly (or is Bill by your earlier logic excused from exercising judgement because he doesn't sit on a court bench?)

Not backward at all, it's self-regulation.

On the contrary, it's status quo.

No, it's self-regulation. I can upset the staus quo but push too far and there are consequences.

If you do something and it blows up in your face then you need to ask yourself why

Why do I have to ask myself that? If I follow the law, what have I done wrong?

If you go through your life never questioning anything you do then I guess you won't learn much from your mistakes. The word narcissist also comes to mind.

and not just hide behind the excuse of artistic exrepssion or whatever other motivation you might have.

Loaded language and preconceived notions do not an argument make. It is not "hiding behind" or "excuses" when one pushes boundaries of expression. It is use of ones right of free expression. Hiding behind "the broader eyes of society" as an excuse to curtail this freedom is tyranny, censorship and frankly evil.

OK, let's drop all the preconceived notions, loaded language and all the tyranny, censorship and evil. In the end Bill Henson's venture boils down to one simple statement:

If it looks like s**t, smells like s**t and tastes like s**t then guess what - it's s**t!!! (Substitute child porn as needed)

By all means push - society is not totally rigid - but be prepared to admit your error when you go too far.

And who arbitrates that I have gone too far when the law says I haven't?

The law is not the only arbiter of right and wrong - let's see how right your neighbour is when he has an affair with your wife just because it's legal.


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