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I use auto iso and manual mode all the time

I use auto iso in manual mode all the time.  I have the same problem not being able to use exposure compensation.  To get around this, I have the camera take three images with 1 fstop between the images.  I forgot what this is called, but it works.  It saves taking one image, looking at the iso, changing the dial to av and setting the iso to what it was in auto iso and doing exposure compensation.

It seems to me that Canon has always been behind with controls that take advantage of their camera's abilities.  For instance, they had leading low light sensors, but one could not use auto iso or it was limited.  They have fixed that.  But, I still can't take full advantage of their low light ability by setting the camera in manual with whatever settings I want, use auto iso and then beable to adjust the exposure quickly and easily.  They could have a parameter in settings that says in manual mode using auto iso, the exposure compesation is set to either be the f-stop or shutter speed or iso.

Now, I know that few photographers would take advantage of this as many would rather use the phd method (push here dummy.)  But, it would make their cameras more valuable to more advanced photographers.


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