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Re: High ISO images Nex 6 vs. 5DMKII? 6 vs. the other 6(D): kings of Facebook :-)

Thanks for your comments. From your pics I am very impressed with the high ISO performance of the Nex-6. I know what you're saying about using high quality glass to take advantage of the Nex-6 sensor. However, IMHO it will just defeat the portability purpose if I use my L lenses with it + adaptor. So for me the 16-50mm lens is perfect. Hopefully in the future Sony will release a fast 24 and/or 35 for the Nex system.



webgeek wrote:

José B wrote:

First of all, thanks a lot for sharing these beautiful images! From your experience so far, how does the Nex 6 perform vs. the 5DMKII (I have this camera too). I really don't need tests, I just want your opinion.

Right now I am in a quandary between the new 6s (Nex vs. 6D). Both have Wi-Fi connection which makes it easy for me to transfer pics to Facebook which I like. With the 6D, I have to go through my iPhone. The 6D is more expensive and bigger of course but at least I can use any of my Canon lenses but I really like the portability of the Nex 6. It should be a nice upgrade to my Nex 5. Appreciate your thoughts as you use these two systems like I do.



Hi Jose;

Interesting question, and I will upset a lot of Canon Users. But here it is anyway.

I have used Canon 5D & 5D Mark II for the last 8 years and have 1000+ of great images which I sell too. So I do have lots of experience with the output of these two great Full-Frame camera.

1) I sold all my Canon equipments two years ago to go small and select the NEX system to build upon. At first, I was disappointed with the NEX-5, but stick with it up to this point.

2) Having used the A77 and now NEX-7. I am in love with the system and output

3) I am giving up a Full-Frame sensor for a APS-C sensor with a bit more noise, but you know what. I have been using the NEX-7 the last 8 months and have many wonderful images that I find on par with the images from my 5D Mark II, some are even more detailed and dynamic range of the NEX-7 is amazing to my eyes.

4) Here is what I learned, with the NEX-7 system you have to give it good glass to ensure great images with no noise. There are many high ISO images that you see in this set comes out very nice because I use some good glass on it. My favorite CZ 24mm f/1.8, 50mm 1.8, 30mm Macro, Leitz 90mm f/4.0. The 16-50mm is the lowest of them all but still produce great result up to 3200 ISO. This is amazing achievement for a kit lens.

5) I am waiting for the day Sony makes a full-frame mirror less that is about the NEX size, with some new CZ glass. That day is what I have been searching for the last 4 years. I don't want to lug around heavy gears anymore and the style that I shoot requires small, light setup with lots of power and the NEX system delivers.

6) If you must have Full-Frame, then yes the Canon 6D is great. If you can give-and-take a bit then NEX is the best solution in my opinion.

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