X-Pro 1 double exposure fun (photo)

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Re: X-Pro 1 double exposure fun (photo)

matt mikulla wrote:

I tweeted the @fujiguys about this last week asking for multiple exposures to be implemented in the x100.


"@fujiguys Any chance you can put in a word to the engineers to have the x100 firmware allow multiple exposures like the XPro 1? Please!"

The responded that they are listening.


"@mattmikulla I am working hard each day on everyone's behalf. Unlike other #photog companies, I do read forums for comments."

I recommend sending them a tweet if you're on twitter because they will most likely see it directly.

They do monitor the forums so keep making noise.

I'm not sure why they only allow 2 exposures at a time for the X1 pro. They should allow at least 3.


They simply have to implement multiexposure in X100 and make at least 3 exposures for XPro


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