Hands-On Sony NEX-6 & 16-50mm OSS images & other E-Mount Lens

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Re: Thank you

Reybabes wrote:

A big thank you to webgeek, the OP.

There's a lot of navel gazing, trolling and drivel here... but occasionally along comes a thread with real value.  Here we have a knowledgeable and skilled photographer with real world information to benefit all the rest of us who are contemplating or waiting on a pre-order.

That's it.  Just thank you.


P.S. The NEX 6 and its new kit lens looks like a real winner...

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Hey thanks Rey;

I am glad my post did not go to waste. After using the NEX-7 & NEX-6 I am totally convinced that I have made the correct decision to switch into this format. I have about 6 good friends now that are my buddy because we all switched and are using difffent MF lens with outstanding result. As you can see there are two images in there that I use on MF with a Leitsz 90mm f/4.0 lens that is incredible sharp with excellent bokeh and details. So overall, the system support MF lens if you wanted to have fun. I have been searching and buying on EBay some lens to add to the collection. The NEX system lacks good quality zoom range, so I bought the 90mm to compliment that end.

Anyway, if you are thinking about a second body or system as a backup to your full-frame setup, then I can only highly recommend this camera. If you look at Fujifilm thread, I also posted some test I did with the Fujifilm X-E1 & 35mm f/1.4. Overall, they are both nice camera that will come out soon, but in the end I choose the NEX-6 for overall quality, and much quicker AF.

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