The Absolute Sound's review of the DP2M is up...

Started Oct 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: The Absolute Sound's review of the DP2M is up...

IKM Legacy wrote:

The Gizmodo guy just doesn't get it. He complains that it's minimalist and lacks the bells & whistles of typical P&S cameras. What the DPxM offers is medium format IQ (at low ISOs) in a tiny package for a bargain price. For those of us who used to struggle with giant expensive medium & large format film to get near this kind of quality, the DPMs are heaven. They are not, however, substitutes for DSLRs or other "system" cameras.

I have to agree as it seems that photographers that have used MF, digital backs, 4x5 and high end dslrs are the ones that are the most impressed with the IQ from this camera.

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