How I fell for Foveon (first posting)

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Re: How I fell for Foveon (first posting)

Joerg V wrote:

Hello txabi,

wow, that's what I call an evaluation (actually using all different kind of brand for a couple of years). I fully understand that urge to get a tool that does what it is supposed to do and that is executing the intend of the photographer (given that he/she is capable of pulling the right strings/pushing the right buttons).

Excuse me for bringing back to life an 8 month old thread, but I feel like the conversation can go on here. You obviously won't remember this, but we were talking about using different brands of cameras and getting to know them. In the past 4 years I've used:

Canon 450D (2 years)

Nikon D60 (2 years)

Sigma SP1 (2 years)

Sigma DP2 (1 year)

Sony a350 (6 months)

Sony NEX3 (2 years)

Sony NEX5N (1 year)

As we mentioned in this thread, to me the most important thing was not just use, but get to know each camera and see how we blended together. Kind of like a partner in life, if you will. After selling all of them except the last - and making a respectable amount of money on eBay - I bought the 5N as I had planned: best purchase ever.

Still, re-reading this old thread I find it interesting that even back then I already missed my DP1. Well, look at how things evolve: my 5N is still my go-to for any serious stuff, when I need a camera that's up for any job. However, I just bought another DP1 on eBay for $200 and that void I felt, that missing Sigma, is now gone. I'm truly excited to have the DP1 back with me, upon opening the box it was like seeing an old friend: quirky, grumpy, slow but special, stylized, mechanical, with soul. The DP1 is now my carry-on "point-n-shoot" of sorts, the 5N for everything else.

It's funny how I went back to what was possibly the most frustrating camera I have ever owned, yet one of the most fulfilling: DP1 taught me so much about photography because it didn't do anything for me, it didn't make photographing easy - like the NEX cameras do, which is awesome, but I'm a better photographer not thanks to the NEXes, but to the unforgiving strictness of the DP1, with which I was forced to think about what I was doing and not just press the shutter and fix stuff later in RAW processing.

I was wondering how your life has been going with the DP1 in all these months?

Here's a couple of shots from the last 24h in which I've had this new DP1 with me, nothing spectacular, but they already capture this feeling that the Foveon renders oh-so-well

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