New RX1 samples, WOW!

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Re: New RX1 samples, WOW!

Maxeyesore wrote:

BMWX5 wrote:

Frenske wrote:

There is nothing special about these pictures. The ISO 3200 looks like a typical picture by any Sony DSLT camera. Granted these are most excellent when compared to other "compact" cameras but they costs only 1/10 of the RX1 price.

nothing special? you made me laugh. Show me a usable ISO 25,600 taken by any Sony camera!

I can't show you a usable sony shot, but heres a 25k shot with no PP, taken in poor light. Remember, this is a sub $800 crop sensor camera...Yea I agree with Frenske, the above shots show nothing special at all. Unless and until sony shows us something vastly different, sony users need to get used to the idea of something besides IQ, specifically noise performance, being the big selling point. AF, tracking, PDAF in LV, all of this can be spun as a selling point. Noise performance, not so much.

Don't get so attached to a brand, buy what makes you happy, and be honest about what you have. I followed these three rules and I ended up buying a K30. Happy shooting.

"Don't get so attached to a brand" and yet your avatar is a PENTAX and your signature is PENTAX. You make me laugh. You love Pentax and yet you are here trolling....probably nothing much going on the Pentax forum.

We are talking about Sony Cameras. I don't recall a Sony camera that was able to produce a usable ISO 25,600 until now.

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