Setup for Borneo?

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Re: Setup for Borneo?

Quintin Lake wrote:

Hi Simon,

I've seen a lot of Malaysian & Indonesian photographers who are bang on the money for commercial & wedding work, so you'd have stiff competition. Also the market there demands a different aesthetic to what we are used to in the west. If I were you I'd do enough part time  IT work to buy you a few months to pursue photography in Borneo for pleasure without worrying about earning a living from it and then re assess after a few months.

Sigh (his word).  He's not doing this for the money.  In fact, if he makes no money at this it's OK.

From what I understand, this is just an extended holiday taking a bunch of pics and working on his technique.  No harm in that if you can afford it!

Maybe it would have been more accurate if, instead of describing it as "quitting his job and pursuing his dream" as "what gear should I take to take a bunch of pics in Borneo".

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