A99 sample shots

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Re: OK I found the way to insert external photos

thubleau7 wrote:

You have to judge what is presented its that simple.

Not sure why you have to, I certainly don't. Especially when there's nothing to compare it to without a controlled test. And you made a claim about sensors based on random jpegs from an SLT and a non SLT.

Most people shoot on JPEG  so its a fair comment.

No it's not, especially in the light of my last comment above.

I can't see something that is not there and i don't colour my comments to suit the camera.

raw samples would have even more noise.

You would have made some sense had you compared identically exposed RAW samples from say the RX1 and D600 to make any judgement on Sony sensors in Sony cameras vs Sony sensors in Nikon cameras.

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