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Re: OK I found the way to insert external photos

If you look at the Exif data you will see that the shots were taken at F2.8 and at that focal length the actual depth of field would only be a a few inches.

So if the focus was taken at the point of the models nose you could only expect her face and back to her ear to be in focus if you are lucky,maybe not even that far, more like 3 to 4 inches of focus.

One shot shows that the focus was on her left eye and the right side is out of focus.

if the F stop had been increased to f5.6 or f7.0 than you would see most of the area in focus.

I have had lenses (L lenses) that are very sharp but at the extremities of the glass on a full frame sensor there is always a drop off in performance and at f 2.8 this would only create the effect of the shot being out of focus.

So I stick by my original comments the shots are okay when taken in this context.

Also I noticed that the ISO 3200 on these shots are not as good as the 6400 ISO shots taken by DPreview.

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