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says that there is a tremendous difference in dynamic range impacts on the images produced by a camera.  These impacts don't appear to be discussed by DXO

John Sheehy wrote:

mvmv wrote:

We have still yet to see, after many years, if anyone can verify DXO results. I suppose it will never happen. DR numbers over 14 are always very interesting although seems like Sony just can't improve high ISO DR. We have to also wait and see how those Sony sensors perform under Sony and other brands.

High-ISO DR is a bit meaningless.  DR is about the range of usable exposure levels in the recording medium, but in an ideal camera all ISOs would have exactly the same DR at all ISOs; you would just use a different level within that range as your graypoint for different ISOs.

What is really significant at high ISOs is how much read noise there is relative given to a small, fixed signal, as DR can always be increased by "under-exposing" a lower ISO with the majority of cameras that clip RAW data at lower absolute signal levels for higher ISOs.

Right now, there isn't a whole lot of variation in measured read noise at high ISOs amongst the best from each manufacturer, and it will probably stay that way until someone makes a revolutionary breakthrough.  However, if you now use a camera that has high DR at base ISO, you can increase the highlight headroom by using a lower ISO and so-called "under-exposure".  Doing so with a camera with low DR at base ISO (like my 5D2) results in disaster in the shadow areas.

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