Is my D800 faulty?

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Re: Is my D800 faulty?

tashley wrote:


My advice:

1) Ignore Leonard. He has a limited understanding and experience of these issues

Not very polite for a fellow forum member, but... anyway.

2) It is totally normal for  lenses to need AF fine tune these days. It is a positive feature (though there is some concern that manufacturers might allow lower QC standards because they have given us the tool to sort it out for ourselves) and it lets you get the best possible from any lens/body combination

No, it's not. This is a very cool PR gimmick to actually lower costs on QC, improve margin, and hide all issues behind a so called feature. Similar to the old software "it's a feature, not a bug".

3) AF systems these days are trying to focus ever more complex optical designs onto ever higher resolution sensors. Tolerances are small and you are using a system, not one component, whenever you mount a lens on a camera.

Given this rationale, a car buyer would be advised: "cars, nowadays, are very complex systems, so expect braking efficiency to vary under same conditions...". "In focus" means... in focus. Period. Must and should work as expected, especially at this price tag and market segment. If something should be tweaked all time, get another one. Either is defective or the product per se has a serious design issue.


All of this sounds scary

It is.

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