Boycotting this forum until demeaning "Consumer" is removed from the title!

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jonikon wrote:

I feel the "Consumer" description is demeaning and will be boycotting this forum (except for this thread ), until the demeaning "Consumer" part of the title is removed, and it becomes just Nikon DX SLR forum, as it should be. I encourage others to do the same. None of the other forums have been so egregiously demeaned by the DPR forum name changes, so  there is no reason we DX shooters should tolerate it.

This just isn't rigt folks!

I encourage others to boycott as well until we  get some respect from DPR!

- Jon

There are worse things in life than that. Why do people fret about such trivial stuff ? You associate consumer with lower grade as if it applied to you as a person. Those who have been here for awhile no very well that so called "consumer" cameras can take better pictures than pro gear in the right hands so what's the beef ? I find nothing demeaning about the word consumer. Whether you want to admit it or not, it does mean lower grade. It does not mean lower grade photography.

Enjoy what you have. Consumer grade gear can take money making pictures just like the pro gear can.

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