How many of you selling A900/A850 for A99 ?

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Used ACR new version now on my tests

And, overall, I'm not about to rush into getting an A99. It's good, better than the A900 at high ISO, I would not say the colour rendering is any better. I'm ordering a Nikon D600 with 28-300mm, having used that lens with the D4 earlier this year. This is not replacing the A77 or A900, it's actually going to my wife to use instead of her A580 with 18-250mm Sigma (if you see the difference in optical viewfinder size, you'll realise why!).

Shirley can not get on with EVFs, not only out of taste but they just don't agree with her eyesight. That has been the case from the KM Dimage 7 onwards. So my sparee A55 is of no interest to her, nor is the A77, and an A99 would not be. The Nikon is the right weight, the 28-300mm VR is better than any APS-C superzoom and goes to f/5.6 not f/6.3 at the long end. The D600 is very affordable and when she's not using it, it can do the video work with audio level control (by far the most important omission from the A77, for me).

Depending on how we get on with it, I may get a D800E. I've worked with D800 and the D800E. I know the disadvantages and why I will only get one if I have a reason - right now, my work does not need anything over 24 megapixels. I'm unlikely to get an A99 as 90% of its desirable features and functions are ones I just don't use, ever - or of I do (like sweep panorama) the A77 and NEX do the job just as well.

If the A99 had been a 36 megapixel sensor, or if it had been the same price as a D600, different story. But it's the wrong specification at the wrong price at a time when the competition has never been more attractive - and that comes from a long-term Sony user.

We had actually planned to get a Pentax K5IIs to replace the A580/superzoom combo for Shirley - she really loved the viewfinder at photokina. The Nikon pips that though.


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