New RX1 samples, WOW!

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Re: New RX1 samples, WOW!

johnbee wrote:

Maxeyesore wrote:

Unless and until sony shows us something vastly different, sony users need to get used to the idea of something besides IQ, specifically noise performance, being the big selling point. AF, tracking, PDAF in LV, all of this can be spun as a selling point. Noise performance, not so much.

Don't get so attached to a brand, buy what makes you happy, and be honest about what you have. I followed these three rules and I ended up buying a K30. Happy shooting.

I'm thinking Sony built the A99 with professionals shooters in mind. Granted... some camera's offer better noise handling than others, though most shooters won't venture past ISO6400 in conventional photography. Not saying we wouldn't(I certainly would), but since there's more to sensor performance that noise performance alone, we end-up having to deal with a sensor broad performance limitations rather than that of noise performance alone.

ie. Looking at the K-30(for example), we find: 14 stops of DR, 10bits tonal and 25bits color @ ISO100 respectively. Which is phenomenal to say the least. However, when we get down to ISO25600 we end-up with: 6 stops of DR, 5bits tonal and 12bits of color.

If I check the DXO measurements I see 13 EV and less than 24 bits, very similar to the A580.

The RX1 should comfortably best that and the A99 will likely too.

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