Edges issue with FZ150..

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: Edges issue with FZ150..

Have you looked at the jpegs that came out with the raws?

I hope you are doing jpeg + raw !

The jpegs are probably just fine.

Have you tried a different PP application, if you don't have jpegs? This sounds like some sort of PP problem.

If you are really a beginner - why fool around with "raw"?

Raw is basically for people who are trying to wring as much as possible from their photos, and even then in 90% of cases, there is no improvement. The panasonic engineers have gone to a lot of trouble to produce a good Jpeg image - among other things, the unavoidable distortions in the lens are corrected at every zoom stage, for that zoom stage, the distortions vary from wide to tele, through 20 some stages, each with different optical issues.


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