Never mind SPP - try Faststone!

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Re: Never mind Fastone - SPP is great

cquarksnow wrote:

The issue might be that SPP 5.3.2 apparently only shows an 8bpc image, so in order to see the native picture, I only see the 16-bit TIFF SPP creation as an option, and not so sure how it's handling dynamic range and other characteristics. Since no one to date besides Sigma has created a Merill raw codec, it's not easy to see the native picture, even if one has a 15bpc or 16bpc display with 8k resolution. All it would take is for Sigma to display the image in SPP, and also make the loupe values go up to at least 4095,4095,4095 so one can verify the native 12-bit color rendition.


I find SPP quite interesting in how it renders images. A screen color picker can sometimes give a clue to the more puzzling on-screen images. More of which anon.

SPP converts the RAW data in the X3F file to an intermediate "invisible" file which I believe to be a 16-bit working file, perhaps in accordance with or similar to Kodak's RIMM standard. The color gamut (color space) for this working file is large, same as ProPhoto. I say "invisible" because you will never see this file on your screen and not on your printer either. SPP renders this 16-bit file (without changing it) on your screen as a 8 bpc image in the sRGB color space.

I checked the same area in an open X3F file (yellow flower) with both SPP's picker and my screen picker. They were R,G,B = 238, 194, 000 and 238, 193, 000 respectively which confirms what I wrote above. The value of zero for blue is implying that there were out-of-sRGB-gamut colors in the RAW data (by which I do not mean clipped sensor data).

Out of interest, I checked that same file's thumbnail with the screen color picker and the same area gave R,G,B = 251, 233, 13 from which I deduce that the thumbnail is taken from the X3F JPEG data.

Off-topic but ACR 5.4 works differently; seemingly, the ACR color picker displays an 8-bit version of the the 16-bit working space and my screen color picker often shows different values for the same pixel.

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