Argh...More elinchrom problems

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Mark Astmann Junior Member • Posts: 36
Re: Argh...More elinchrom problems

Jack A. Zucker wrote:

Now my BXRI-500 is cutting off the modeling light about every 15 minutes. After 4 or 5 minutes it'll come back on again. I tried swapping out lights but no change in behavior. i have babied this light. It's never been outdoors and never subject to any kind of mistreatment.

It's really making me re-think my decision to switch over from the buff lights....

Hi Jack,

Who's modifiers are you using on the Elinchrom BXRi. The size of softbox and beauty dish you mention don't sound like Elinchrom items. Just saying Elinchrom modifiers tend to be lighter then many other brands and tend to vent better. - Still you should contact Manfrotto to have the units looked at.

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Mark Astmann

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