Some thoughts about OVF and EVF

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Re: Some thoughts about OVF and EVF

Piginho wrote:

tbcass wrote

What it boils down to is a high quality FF OVF gives a clearer image when compared side by side with even the best EVF. If that is important to you then certainly use an OVF but arguing that it is somehow "better" is simply not winnable. Better for you? Obviously it is but not for everybody. I don't understand why these EVF vs OVF arguments go on and on when all it boils down to is a personal choice. In the end it just doesn't matter

If everyone were prepared to leave it as you have stated above, we would have no problems at all and could all shut up.  I have never said OVF is better in an absolute sense, just better for me, but what I have done is highlighted the areas in which OVF is better than EVF, just to provide balance to all the EVF lovers on here who are so evangelical about preaching it's virtues, so much so that OVF is old hat and no good any more.

Your statement above could be the last word on the subject if everyone could accept it and agree to differ.

This same song and dance happens with FF vs crop. It does come down to preference when determining what you spend your money on, but that doesn't mean we can't determine which is better at what. I don't care what TBass or any other person says, a dragster is better in a drag race than a 4 cylinder corolla. Would I rather buy the dragster to drive to work?  No, but I can still admit the differences.

Now, are EVF and OVF better at some things than others? of course. I would like to be able to use peaking with my OVF when handheld zoom shooting. Is it a deal breaker? no. I use a lot of MF lenses, and I just wouldn't enjoy this if I was forced to use an EVF. I keep seeing people try to agree to a stalemate so as not to show their cards. Weaknesses of each are well known, and if somebody is new here and needs answers they deserve a better answer than "its a personal preference". Some things are quantifiable and shouldn't be ignored.

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