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Re: 48 mp response to Theodoros

Douglas Boyd wrote:


For my test I laid out about 25 20x30 inch (not cm) prints on the living room floor, and selected the best 9 for a charity auction function.  The pictures were taken with either of Sony A900 (24mp), Nikon D800E (36mp), or Hasselblad H3DII-39 (39mp).  I used a variety of lenses but always a top quality lens  at an optimal aperture, and low ISO.  These were landscape prints in which edge-to-edge detail was important. I also used optimal post-processing in Lightroom 4.1 with careful sharpening to the final print size applied. When compared side-by-side the lower resolution prints (24mp) looked blurry compared to the 36mp and 39mp prints.  The Hasselblad had a slight edge over the Nikon D800E, which could have been due to lens, technique, or subject.  However, since I often print at 30x40 or 30x45, I think these differences would be much greater.  in face I observed this on one print that I photostitched two 39mp images to get to about 70mp and printed at 30x60 I usually do not have so many 30x40 prints to compare (they cost about $30 to make), so this finding is only based on the smaller 20x30 prints that I can get from Costco for $8.95 and use either for final mounting, or as test prints, before going to the laser printing on Fuji silver based paper I use for final output.

So far I could not afford the 50mp version of the Hasselblad since those prices are holding up, so I think that a low-cost full-frame Sony or Nikon at 48mp would be a good alternative.  I'm hoping that there will be an announcement by next Feb.

Yes, based on my experience over the past few years, I believe that 48mp will be the best for 30x40 inch print sizes.  80mp would be needed if going even larger.

I find it hard to believe based on my experience, that 3mp could be useful at 20X30.  Even 12mp is a blur at this size.  Maybe these would work in a stand-alone exhibit without nearby actually sharp pictures for comparison.


Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Douglas Boyd wrote:

I recently reviewed a bunch of my images made with D800E and Hasselblad H3DII-39.  These were all 20 x 30 inch prints from Costco.  Even at this relatively small size, the Hassey 39mp pictures had a slight edge over the D800E.  Now what I really want is for Sony to release a 48mp chip for either a full-frame Nikon DSLR or Sony DSLT camera.  Actually I would slightly prefer it in the Sony mount because of the superior Sony/Leitz lenses, especially the wonderful Sony 70-400mm lens.  48mp would give approximately the same pixel density as the current 24 mp APS-C cameras (Nex-7, A99, etc), which would be great for telephoto shots.

I really don't understand what you are getting at Douglas... Is it that you think your H3DII had the edge because of the 39 vs. 36mpx? Also what was the lenses in both cameras and what was the Iso shot? I say this because my Imacon 528c on Contax 645 which is only 22mpx when shot in single shot, it destroys D39II at 50 Iso... both with their dedicated 120macro fitted, while it is just better from my D800E at 100Iso for the same width of frame with my 105VR fitted... I just don't find the comparison base in your post... if you are kind to explain... I also don't understand how res was induced into your post and what it relates too.... I mean why do you assume that a 48mp sensor would be any better than a 36 one or a 24 one or a 16 one... A 20x30 inch print can be great (presumed that it is a "perfect" shot) from only 3mp....

Yet you are mistaken... I think you confuse "large printing" with "quality printing" clearly for the prices you state, the print has been done in other than a pigment plotter... (probably on a large Durst  with chemicals) which have their own "profile mind" and quality... There is no where in the world currently that there is a serious photographic exhibition and the prints are not made on fine art paper for a pigment plotter that bares optimum profile compatibility with the few well calibrated and linearized labs... The costs that you mention are not enough for the business to buy the fine art paper, ...not to add the ink costs or the profit!

I am a pro that does art repro for a living (along with many other photographic services), I do this with my Imacon 528c used in 16x microstep mode with either C645 or FujiGX680... the image that I print in my absolute profile lab is "true color" 528mb 88mpx 16bit which is considered in stills the best possible image in the world (it will make any single shot back inc.IQ 180 look rubbish and is considerably better than Hass 39MS and 50MS when shot in multishot) ...so I know what I am talking about! Res has very little to do with quality printing Doug, there are sensors that will print in 144 dpi much better than other sensors will print at 360dpi for the same size!

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