Think twice before buying Apple for your camera needs

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Re: Think twice before buying Apple for your camera needs

Rational wrote:

An iPad purchased by me a year ago stopped working in May 2012. Apple, by necessity, replaced it at its Reston, VA store. That brand new replacement iPad failed again in just 4 months (Serial number DKVHG0MNDFJ0). The Apple store in Reston VA refused to fix or replace it, hiding behind a claimed "3 month warranty for (new) replacements. (ref. its store manager, Ingrid H. and store leader Karen B.)
Anyone thinking of buying an Apple product should reflect on the above, and decide for themselves if they really want to buy a product from a company that refuses to stand behind its products and replace manufacturing defectes a mere 5 months after a brand new replacement was obtained from that company.

The Ipad came with a 1 year warranty.  It looks like your's failed right at the end, so they replaced it with a new/refurb? unit with another 3 months added on.   But 16 months in from the original purchase, it dies as well.  Do you want a new 12 months of warranty added on with each replacement?

It does beg the question of how you may be handling this unit.  The Ipad doesn't have a reputation of breaking. And that's probably why they were not sympathetic to your cause.  (and are you leaving out pertinent details on this matter?)

Your singular experience doesn't really speak to the suitability for camera needs.  The resolution of the ipad3 is great for proofing.  The limitations on storage and lack of USB otoh are a barrier.  People should decide if that makes it worthwhile, or if a 1080p display from Asus or something else would make more sense.

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