Macro lens, IS or non-IS?

Started Oct 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
Blastophaga Regular Member • Posts: 109
60 ?

100L IS has wonderfull microcontrast, color, and accessorily IS.

However remember the 60mm macro (no IS), it also has wonderfull colors. On a Canon APSC the 60 is a lens to have.

I had 60 on 40D, I have had 100 macro non usm, I have 100 L and 65 MPE first on 5D MKII now on MKIII.

Dont forget to buy the 60 macro. After that the 100L is a VERY good lens. But the 60 goes first because it is so small. You can shoot macro with the inbuilt flash. No way to do that with the 100, because you will have the shadow of the lens.



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