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Re: How much do you want to learn and will you have a touch screen

Greenville wrote:

I have been using Windows 8 since the Spring. Personally I find it both interesting but it can also be frustrating. Personally I do not plan on using it as my primary windows OS right now. If you will have a touch screen or a tablet it is a good interface. If you navigate windows with the keyboard short cuts then you will find not much has changed. But if you generally navigate windows with a mouse and the start menu then you will have a learning curve. Personally I don't like being forced into doing something different just because Balmer and company want me to navigate my PC like a Windows 8 phone.

If you like new and different then I say go for Windows 8.

Personally touch screen is the last thing I want on my PC, I do photography and I want my screen clean so i can see the pictures with correct color, last thing I want is my screen with smuggles and finger trails all over the place.

And you hit the nail on the head, MS realized that windows phones sell like crap holding only 3-6% of market share, so they decided to force the same crappy interface on millions of windows users in hopes that if they force everyone to use it, some might like it and buy windows phone in future.

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