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Re: X100 / XPro-1 Panorama Function

During film days, my WideLuxe 140 panoramic camera paid for itself quickly and many times over. I had hoped for the same sort of thing with digital cameras, but pricing the Panoscan, RoundShot and BetterLight's solution was pure sticker-shock. Stitching has come a long way, produces a very good result and allows one to shoot RAW. On the other hand, it is still not a trivial task, and often I do not need a 100+MP image. Therefore I welcome this feature.
The WideLuxe has a built-in 28mm lens, so perspective is fixed. With the X100 and X-Pro1, I have far greater control. While one has a choice of 120° and 180° only on the x-axis, one can crop top and bottom on the y-axis, and compress or emphasize perspective on the z-axis which I found very useful on a recent prairie shoot.

Results can be very good, but it does take careful technique to get decent results—very manual. Speed of rotation has got to be just right, and the camera needs to follow the x-axis smoothly. I generally take an exposure reading in the middle of what will become the panorama and manually set the camera to that reading. A monopod is ideal for support and easy turning.

For perfect results, certainly using a panoramic tripod head, the GigaPan device or a dedicated panoramic camera is preferable. Nonetheless  with care the artifacts can be fairly minimal and very dramatic shots can be captured. This is a recent X100 shot—not completely free from artifacts, but pretty acceptable for in-camera stitching.

St. Mary River, Southern Alberta, Canada

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