Canon D6 AF System Questions

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Will the 6D autofocus be just as accurate in low light as say a Canon 60D?

Canon CPN Europe has published a picture of the 6D AD sensor.

This sensor is basically identical to the 5DII AF sensor - but with a beefed up central AF point.

Haven't used a 60D, so I don't know how the two will compare.

You can safely assume, though, that 6D AF performance will be very similar to the one on the 5DII.
Maybe slightly improved.

This should be a good reference point, IMO.

5D MKII has a 9 point sensor vs 11on the 6D, it doesnt seem like its the same or similar.

5D and MkII had 9 AF points plus 6 invisible 'assist' points. It strikes me that making two of these visible would effect the change for 9 to 11 points.

Sure, trolling bob. *sigh*

I believe Bob is not quite right on this one, as the additional AF points to the left (3) and right (9) of the center relate to the outer arrays and are thus not part of the invisible points, as can be seen on the illustration below.

In fact the AF array floor plan of the new chip is so similar to that of the 5D, it's my guess that the 6 invisible points are actually retained, plus possibly 2 additional ones (21) and (26), made likely by some minute changes to the associated vertical arrays. If these these "invisible" (magenta) points are actually there and used, they might serve for other purposes as tracking  such e.g. AF point expansion... but only time will show...

Possible 6D AF chip array to AF point mapping

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