K5 as black & white HDR shooter; will the K5IIs deliver sufficiently more for upgrade?

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Re: K5 as black & white HDR shooter; will the K5IIs deliver sufficiently more for upgrade?

Maxeyesore wrote:

Yea just a quick recap of this and other info. No AA filter is an awesome idea IMO. It increases a camera's potential for detail. But, the key word is potential. When your camera is capable of much more, other factors become the weak links.

For example, if you are ever so slightly misfocused with a 10mp camera, you may not notice it. With the exact same focusing but on a 50mp camera, it will show, as you can see much smaller details (including soft edges). Same applies to motion blur, which is always present no matter how small (physics dictates this). So when you increase your resolution, either by MP or AA changes, all the other flaws show more often.

Without top end glass such as the DA* lenses, you will likely not see too much difference. And even with them, slight focusing errors or motion blur will cover up the extra sharpness you would have. Now I am not against the K5II-s, I almost bought it instead of my K30, but I am not buying top glass yet so I passed. If they don't have the K3 out in a year, I will grab the *S* for show. Just remember you will have to tighten up all your skill if you get it. Many people with the D800 and E say just that. Gotta have spendy glass and all to help that extra rez survive.

Good luck with you buy, let us know how you go.

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To see is to believe...PENTAX

While I appreciate what others have said here, this reply sums it up pretty well. I have used this approach when using lesser cameras, as in, it is less critical for the superior glass(at times) when the camera's technology isn't capable of accessing the potential of a said top end glass.

Had the K5IIs included an enhanced sensor with 20-24mp I think I would have jumped without much questioning.

Thanks to all who have offered an opinion here.

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