For those still waiting for the D400, my....

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Re: For those still waiting for the D400, my....

D300SandV1shooter wrote:

n057 wrote:

I should have phrased that better: with my current D200, I can't raise the ISO enough to avoid the blurred faces, nor the blurred drummer sticks when I shoot in a club.

Faces - hit the ISO, but I sometimes used Tri-X in a PenFT film camera so I'm not allergic to grain.

I prefer drum sticks blurred.

I should really pick my examples carefully.

However, with a D200, I can't go much higher than ISO 3200, that is already H-1. And you are right, drumsticks are better blurred - if the face and eyes are clear. But then that becomes a matter of artistic interpretation

Here is an example were I was unable to get any sharp image, but the performer liked it so much he uses it on his web page.

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

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