If I switched to Nikon....

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Re: If I switched to Nikon....

dirkluchtman wrote:

would I start making significantly better photos?

That is, if I switched from a 5D Mark II to a D600? Not that I am seriously planning to do so, but just wondering what your thoughts are on this.

Of course you wouldn't make significantly better pictures.

How good your pictures are is overwhelmingly determined by the vision, talent and expertise of the photographer, not his gear. How do you otherwise explain that so many great images were made with almost primitive film and film cameras throughout the period up to the 1950's or so? Learn how to best use the camera you have; make it's controls second nature - like an extension of your thinking. Look, look, and look again at the pictures taken by master photographers in books, on the internet, in museums. What makes them good? What about them keeps you looking at them? What do you feel or learn from them? These are important to think about if you are to ever improve. Then look carefully around you to try to make something good yourself.

As to gear, buy whatever camera you like. Whatever technical features seem to make you feel better about yourself are your business, but these qualities - their perceived differences in performance - are almost irrelevant to how good your pictures will turn out.

If you believe that things like the maximum rate of autofocus "keepers," or that the amount of DR your camera provides to save improper exposures, makes your photos better, you seriously misunderstand the whole process of photography. Those helpful technical qualitiy differences apply to extremely narrow conditions under which amateurs may choose to shoot and professionals may be forced to  work, but, if some feature saves their output from being an image which would be totally unacceptable to one which is merely acceptable, then it is just allowing the shooter to get either an acceptable lousy picture or an acceptable great picture, but as to whether it is lousy or great is not up to the camera, but up to the total ability of the photographer.



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