longevity of OCP ink / Precision Colors?

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Re: longevity of OCP ink / Precision Colors?

Small clarification.  For my printer, HP recommends the Advanced paper, which is fine.  I had an old sample of Premium Plus, which is (was) marketed as their very best for permanence, and (1) it's not recommended at all for the printer, (2) ink did not soak in correctly in some very saturated color areas, and (3) colors were not at all permanent.  I did not try a new package of that paper because it's not recommended for the printer, although the paper formulation has supposedly changed.

One other clarification.  My tests were not very exacting, but the results were very self-consistent.  I used paper, two kinds of photo paper, and two kinds of printable CDs.  Most were printed with the printer.  I left them in the sun in the car (light, heat, and whatever gases are there), and compared them with duplicates kept in the dark.  I also wrapped some prints around a fluorescent bulb.  Some faded very rapidly; some did not.

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