Nikon F3 (Parts Repair), Pentax Viewfinder Magnifier, Tanks and Reels

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Nikon F3 (Parts Repair), Pentax Viewfinder Magnifier, Tanks and Reels

Looking to sell some stuff that doesn’t get enough (or in some cases any) use. Looking to sell some stuff that doesn’t get enough (or in some cases any) use. I have positive feedback on Fourthirdsphoto, FredMiranda, Pentaxforums and GetDPI as Albino_BlacMan and on ebay as ctp046.

All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. I accept most payment methods. All prices are negotiable and I'm happy to do package deal. If any of my prices are way out of line feel free to fire me a PM.

Nikon F3 with Motordrive (MD-4) - $115 (But I’m really open to offers on this one) – Just tested the F3. Shutter release isn't working without the motor drive attached for some reason (and even with the motor drive only the MD’s shutter release works). This is supposed to be easily fixed with a CLA. The camera was recovered in Cameraleather Restoration Black Leather. The rubber grip was replaced with leather which I think makes it look much cleaner and might even provide better grip than the rubber piece that used to be there. Meter is accurate and all shutter speeds appear to be correct. MD-4 works like it is supposed to. The camera is in fairly good condition, but shows some brassing on the prism and around the edges. The camera is also missing the motor drive cover. Vericolor II included upon request.

Notes: I'll throw in an 8x10 sheet of recovering leather if anyone wants to cut their own replacement for the Md-4 (this would make it match the F3).

Pentax Viewfinder magnifier - $20 + shipping -  good condition except it won’t snap shut.

A little bit more info on the magnifier:

It's a strange little device. You can see in the picture that it sticks out quite a bit. I would guess that the magnification is 2x or 3x. You can't see the whole viewfinder when it's down (infront of the eyepiece), just the centre portion of the focus screen (the split prism part on manual focus cameras). To deal with this it can flip up.

It's hard to explain the "won't snap shut"Because it can flip up and down it has a little ball that fits into a hole. This should make it possible for it to lock into the "down" position. However, it doesn't lock into this position. One thing to note though is that when your eye is against the magnifier it holds it down for you (so I don't think its a big deal that it doesn't lock/snap, but that's for you to decide, not me).

I know it fits spotmatics and my Pentax k2. I'm not sure about anything else (so I don't know about your cameras.

A quick search and it shows up here: under magnifiers. This says 2x. Its not the one in the magnifier-M or magnifier-FB picture though.

The first link under magnifiers ( ) shows it in the flipped up position.

Tanks and Reels - $65 (OBO) + shipping - I have some (15) 35mm reels and 2 tanks. I don't know what brand the reels are. They all seem to be straight and in working condition. The tanks are both made by Brooks, one is 8 reels and one 4. One lid is Brooks, one says Tundra (I assume Tundra Security).

I’ll throw in an extra 2 reels and a Nikkor 2 reel tank and a Nikkor 1 reel tank (one of them the lid is hard to get off sometime)

We'll work out something for shipping depending on your location.

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