Considering selling 7D and lenses to go D600 for 50/50 Video Projects/Event Stills?

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Re: How lucky do you feel?

In English usage, Russian roulette is a metaphor for a situation where you are taking a smallish risk for an unacceptably bad outcome that you will deeply regret.

If there is even a 1% chance of being damaged by Nikon USA's customer antagonistic repair service, then you are playing Russian roulette by buying Nikon instead of Canon.

The camera breaking down is normal.   Having repairs done wrong, having the service department make something new stop working, not communicating with customers, not being able to use independent service centers, users not being able to buy user serviceable parts, having repairs take weeks and even months, these are not normal.   These are the extraordinary risks you take if you buy a Nikon ‚Äčin the US.

If they happen to you, as they happened to me and others, then you were a fool not to have multiple FX camera bodies or else to have bought Canon

Nikon is not alone in having service problems. From the Sony forum, I've heard quite a few complaints about Sony's service, both about quality of the service and the turnaround time. I highly doubt that Canon and Pentax are any different in this respect.

Another issue to consider is that someone really frustrated about poor service is likely to write about it and complain loudly. Someone who is satisfied will be happy, and will likely leave it at that. The result is that most forum posts about service performance are going to be negative, even if the majority of users actually had positive experiences.

I've never sent a camera away for repairs, but I do know a friend who sent various equipment (broken flash from a bad fall, lens/body with rubber peeling off) for service, and was very happy with the results and the pricing. I don't personally know anyone who had negative repair experiences.

Long story short, you're taking a risk with anything that you buy. In fact, you're taking a risk just by owning something that you don't know how to repair yourself. All of us are taking risks - there's really no other route to take.

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