1st Wedding Shoot...C&C please :0)

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Re: 1st Wedding Shoot...C&C please :0)

I'm not in the group attacking you. I have been in the same situation, but perhaps with a little more experience under my belt.

The thing that I took away from the classes with the pro wedding photographer is preparation.

He had a list of standard shots. He would sit down and review those shots with the couple, and then see if there were any deletions, additions, or special requests. He would also agree on locations and timing, so that there was a solid plan before a contract was signed.

If you are asked again, you might want to consider making similar plans. You might also consider, as some here will have no doubt suggested, having backup plans. What if your camera/flash/lens dies in the middle of a shoot? Where will you go if it rains? What happens if the service runs long?

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