Todays Win 7 updates cause major crash on my PC

Started Oct 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: I have to admit, had it not been suggested I would never have used them.

Glad that you also had a good experience with Microsoft support, digitalshooter. If it had been diagnosed as a hardware issue, or one involving HP-installed software, including the OS, you would have been referred to HP.

To clarify for all, my problem was not with Windows Update, but with my first-ever virus which activated when I restarted after the updates installed succcessfully. The techs also ran a FixIt on my machine, but they still experienced the same symptoms I did; it was then that they ran a virus program and found a trojan.

I also run the Update manually -on the last day of each month. But I have never had a problem with updates. As for which updates to run, I've always trusted Microsoft and install every "Important" update, and all Optional ones that involve security. To determine which ones are specifically important to oneself, the user has to go read a technical online document for each update -only the fearful and tech types need apply.

Enjoy your photos, enjoy your devices, and if you have a serious software problem, call, don't cuss Microsoft.

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