Pics of Nikon 1 18.5mm lens mounted on cameras

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Re: Pics of Nikon 1 18.5mm lens mounted on cameras

SunnyFlorida wrote:

Bailey151 wrote:

myzel wrote:

Bailey151 wrote:

VR on a 1.8 prime?

Wold be cool, but isn't exactly my top priority on a prime lens

Auto ISO?

Try setting ISO, fast enough to not need VR…

Auto ISO is nice with M mode. Together with auto Area AF mode, that's a good set up for quick snapshots (or street photography). Only downside is, that there is no exposure compensation available in M mode. That would be very useful.

I should have expounded a bit - what I meant was auto ISO is handy.....but if the circumstances dictate turning it off is an option - which is pretty much the point of controls, no? Meaning it's up to us the photograhper to utilize the device to best meet out needs at a given time.

Hmm, "I should have expounded a bit" ....sounds like operator error to me , open mouth stick foot inside, rinse and repeat.

Erratic Auto-ISO? No problems here since firmware 1.2

I have looked at your other posts. Are you sure you want to keep chipping away at your credibility by basing your arguments on outdated or incorrect information? Once you get that reputation around here, it cannot be undone. Post wisely.

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