Perhaps the perfect m4/3 tripod...

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Re: What a silly post! - My perfect m43 tripod....

daddyo wrote:

Yes, how silly of me to post something like this. Referring to a tripod as the perfect tripod is like saying I've found the perfect pizza combo

There are too many factors and considerations: price, weight, height, features, user preferences/needs, etc.

That said, it was a good buy, doesn't feel to heavy to me, and holds my E-M5 with 75-300mm attached very solidly.

To each his own

Well, here's my own. I'm an enthusiast at most, but a frugal one... I was interested in the Benro MEfoto line, then the Siru T005, but I ended up buying a Chinese ebay find called BEIKE 555 travel tripod.

Here is a link to the old thread where I asked if anyone had used one... no one had...

Well, regardless, I took a chance, since the price point was what I was looking to spend ($75).

For the price point, the quality is decent, weight isn't that bad, the height is more than adequate, its super small folded up (12 inches!), and the ball head is ... usable. I understand its limitations, ie fully extend the legs, and it gets slightly wobbly, but for my needs its perfect. And i didn't break the bank.

nice, short, stubby legs...

With the legs/center column fully extended, stability is an issue. Not for long exposures during wind. BUT, still suits my needs. I like that the center column can be lowered so the camera is at the fulcrum

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