Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

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Re: Plastic okay for short term savings, not economical

dave gaines wrote:

Thanks for the reply. When I said, "Plastic tends to fall apart sooner than traditional materials like metal and glass." I was speaking about lenses.

I'm finding that making things cheaper by using plastic is not economical for anything you want to last more than a few years. Plastic degrades, breaks down and falls apart in a few years. Making plastic lens barrels is a really short term savings. If you plan to throw it away and buy another one in a couple of years, then buy something made of plastic. Plastic may work okay for a low budget camera body that will loose most of it's resale value, become obsolete or be discontinued in a couple of years. If you want it to last for a while and get rugged use out of it, buy things made from the right materials - metal and glass in the case of lenses.

Hi Dave,

I do not think you are right in this regard. My Nikkor AF-S 85 1.8 G seems to have at least an outer plastic barrel and it looks like it can stand for decades. Plastic is not plastic but there are many varieties.

Many Oly lenses also do have plastic parts on it and for the most of it I trust in it.

The major problem with todays lenses is electronics which may become incompatible and impossible to service and the lack of mechnical focusing as well as setting of f-stop. This means that they will become technically obsolete or at least hardly usable as compared to former fully mechanical lenses that may be adapted.

However if made with a full metal jacket they might serve longer as a paper weight.

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