XZ-2 vs Canon G15

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Re: OK, I know I'm a bit late to this conversation, but.....

Nice post Ben you raise some good points!
Point 4, shooting the kids is my primary objective. I get what you say about using an SLR, but they say the onlygood camera is the one you have with you. Personally I miss so many shots of my kids because I'm too lazy to take the D90 ever time I go out!! So I guess I will still compromise and look for something smaller for every day use and keep the D90 for the days trips.

The out of camera JPEGs of the Olympus sound great and so does the swivel screen for shooting at kids height, but its also looking a little big for an every day camera.

Mmm so do I go for the Panny for the small size and big aperture or the P7700 for the extra tele range or the RX100 for the big sensor?  Either way it looks like we have some great choices. Can't wait for the full reviews and getting a test drive when these cameras finally appear in the shops in Asia.

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