Wiered Capture One experience with tethered Mac

Started May 1, 2003 | Discussions thread
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slater K Junior Member • Posts: 45
Wiered Capture One experience with tethered Mac


I had a really weird experience with capture one today tethered to a mac with a 1DS ... first some pictures went missing (as in i shot them and they never arrived on the computer) and then after renaming the download file names to differentiate the new shots, they showed up as the shots that i'd already shot, though in photoshop they came up as the new shots!! My art director was not impressed! And it meant that i had to re-shoot shots from earlier in the day on three occasions!

After re-starting it kept on doing this and i had to tether my assistant to the computer to work photoshop file browser for the AD!

After a while the Capture one started showing the real content of the files rather than frames that had been shot a while before.

But through out the day, shots would go missing and not end up in the computer.

I'm running 10.2.1 without any classic (as i don't need it) on a mac.

Any help much appreciated as tomorrow i'm shooting again, with the same AD and i lost some great shots.

ps i searched for anything similar but nothing came up

pps couldn't find anyway to allocate memory to C1 ... thinking this might have been the problem until it got really surreal

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