dynamic range: X-E1 vs Nikon

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Re: dynamic range: X-E1 vs Nikon

I use D700s and the XP1 regularly. I only record raw.

I also find it much easier to recover highlight information from the XP1  raw files. The shadows pull better on with the D700. But since the  Fuji tolerates overexposuwe better, you don,t have to pull the shadows up as much.

In the end, the raw file quality of the two cameras is very similar.  I find the XP1 tolerates two stops of under exposure well.

If you don't mind the disadvantages of the DSLR (larger, heavier, louder) twill you can't go wrong with the D600.

If you don't mind the disadvantages of the Fujis (contrast focus, immature raw rendering software), then it will meet your needs.

I don't mind the disadvantages of either system and use the camera that best suits the task at hand. I carry the Fuji with me wherever I go and not once have I thought, "I wish I took this with the D700."

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