from 5d2 to k5 for portability?

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Re: from 5d2 to k5 for portability?

miles green wrote:

I had a friend's 5Dii with 24-105L for about a month before getting the K5 and a set of limiteds (21,31,43,77). I also have a few more K mount lens. I'm very happy with my choice. The K5 with 21, 43 and even 77 is tiny compared to a 5Dii with L zoom. Plus they're stabilized. As a bonus, you can also use your pop-up flash without worrying about lens-shade-shadows on the bottom of your picture.

The quality of the package is really excellent, and the ergonomics also: the more I use the K5 (with less traditional setups like reversed lens or M42 "antiques") the more I realize how well this camera is designed. I usually have the vertical grip on it too.

As for low light, I agree with ellarsee, The K5's pattern-less noise is better than the 5Dii's. Especially if you want to bring details out of the shadows in post. The K5's dynamic range outperforms every camera out there (according to DXO) Do a search for DR here, there are also some comparisons with impressive results. This is why for my taste, the K5 IQ is superior to the 5Dii's, outweighing the 5Dii's resolution advantage.

AF accuracy was a serious issue with the 5Dii I had, much less so with my K5, especially after I installed a 3rd party focusing screen (Canon ee-S) wich gives usable feedback to me regarding AF accuracy. Of course you can do the same with the Canon. But like the K5, the 5Dii also has a bad rep for AF inaccuracy in low light. Again, if the 5Dii sample I had were mine, I would have returned it, as I believe it was defective.

What you definitely will miss will be fast primes (especially wide angle ones) which give that "FF look". If you hang on to your 5Dii, I think your 35mm f/2 will be permanently attached to it. Compared to the 24-105 f/4L, the FA limiteds are definitely a step up when it comes to blurred backgrounds.

mazzuccato wrote:

I'm just speculating about selling all my canon gear (5d2, 20-35L, 24-105L, 85 1.8, 35 2.0, 50 1.8, sigma 150 2.8, tc, tubes, flash...) and buying a k5 with some limited lenses (eg. 15, 21,35 and 70mm). I like the iq of 5d2, I don't like the size and weight of the system. In fact I'm using more and more my GF1 with its tiny lenses, but even if I like the results (specially in bright days) I'm alwais concerned about what a better camera could do. So k5 and limited lenses looks like a blend of portability and quality. I can imagine how difficult is change system economically, and probably I will stay with the equipement I have now, but I'd like to know your opinion (especially if you owned both 5d2 and k5).

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Miles Green

Dear Miles,

I am on edge of buying K5. However I have little lens dilema. Limited lenses you named perform worse than Canon or Nikkor lenses (DXO mark lens tests) - that holds back a little. I wonder if its that lenses are having special/different character which is different (than Canon/Nikkor) and therefor its not really comparable in lab test?

Can you please describe character and image quality of Pentax LTD and K manual lenses in comparison to Nikkor and Canon.

Do you have some Samyang lenses - does Samyang and K5 make a sense to you?

Thank you.

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