Image of dust/oil on my new D600 sensor. Is this acceptable?

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Re: Image of dust/oil on my new D600 sensor. Is this acceptable?

I would never return a interchangable lens camera just for a few dust bunnies.  At least open the camera up and use a giotto hand blower to remove most or all the dust bunnies.  The in camera vibration mechinism may remove a few loose dust particles, but all cameras will collect dust over time.  If a person doesn't want to clean the sensor, then maybe its time to go to a fixed lens camera.

Once again be careful when changing lenses.  Point camera down in a sanitary place, make sure the mount on the lens is clean, then carefully attach lens.  I do not change lenses outside when the wind is blowing, in dusty areas or places like the beach, asking for a dirty sensor.

If I only have a couple spots that show up when I point the camera at the sky when stopped down I will wait later to clean the sensor.  In most cases the two spots will not show in most of the images that are using lower f stops or not pointed directly at the sky.


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